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February 2018

Aquarius birthdays January 20 to January 31

Throughout February you will experience high energy and a need to get things accomplished. If you pursue athletic competitions, easily win February4 to 15. Also, your mental acuity is very sharp now and you achieve positive benefits in all negotiations. At work, others easily align with your thinking on a new project. Also, now is a great time to seek a raise or promotion. In your personal life, now would be a good time to buy or sell property, resign a lease or look for a new vehicle. Good bargains drop in your lap. Harmony and flow prevails with family, friends and romance. If a slight power struggle ensues February 10 to 19, take the high road to avoid engaging in someone else's agenda. It is not to your benefit to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Aquarius birthdays February 1 to February 10

If you have been looking for a good time to step out of your comfort zone into new directions begin now. From February 11 to 24 you will find yourself drawn toward new and exciting areas that stimulate your mind. This could manifest from a group of like minded people sharing ideas to a class/lecture that inspires you to pursue a course of study. If this intellectual pursuit helps you further your career, great. In addition, these same days are very positive to seek expansion of your social circle and/or put your intentions forward to begin reenter the dating world. Do not be discouraged in the least if there are sharp turns in the road and a disappointment or two. You are being more divinely guided than you realize.

Aquarius birthdays February 11 to February 20

The first few days of the month, particularly February 5 to 16 could find you in conflict or cross purposes with personal relationships. If there seems no immediate resolution, best to compromise and keep the peace. Use this time to determine if you are tolerating unacceptable behavior from others and determine what is the best course of action. You will have a positive resolution February 1 to 10. In the career front, your lightning fast mind seizes upon a chance to demonstrate innovative problem solving February 22 to 28. This will result in you being considered for a move up the ladder.

Best Days: February 13, 14, 15

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aquarius: February 14, 15, 16

Invest in new computer or take computer courses, reconnect with old friends, join a new group that shares your interests, apply for loans, throw a party and invite everyone you know, look for sales on major appliances that need to be replaced.

March 2018

Aquarius birthdays January 20 to January 31

Predictability, boredom and stagnation are an Aquarius’s definition of personal Hell. Although the slow work day rhythm may have you staring at your watch every three minutes, now is not the time to shake things up in the professional arena, especially March 7 to 16. And whatever you do, avoid participating in office gossip, March 20 to 25 because it will come back to bite you in the tail. A good use of your energy this month is to seek soul food through balancing body and spirit with meditation, yoga or returning to activities that have brought you joy in the past.

Aquarius birthdays February 1 to February 10

Use the time between March 7 to 18 to buy or sell property, look for a new car or begin classes to further your career. During these days, your emotions and intellect are flowing in harmony and balance. Making important decisions comes quick and easily. From March 21 to 25, an opportunity to be seen as a capable leader at work puts you in good standing with people capable of opening doors for a promotion. In addition, this same time frame proves very stimulating for a new romantic connection or a current love relationship moving toward a deeper commitment. If you have been absent from socializing, consider accepting some of the invitations that will come your way this month.

Aquarius birthdays February 11 to February 20

Pay attention to events March 4 to 12 when a gift from the Universe lands in your lap. Is time to consider a new job or transition to a completely different career? Don't be surprised if new opportunities come your way with little effort. On the other hand, if you realize circumstances around your current office environment seem endlessly negative and hopeless, let this be your confirmation to move on. Similarly, if you are working three times as hard to maintain a personal relationship than the other person involved, you will find that the connection either becomes more energetically balanced or a break up occurs March 15 to 31.

Best Days: March 13, 14

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Virgo: February 28, March 1, 2

Set goals to break old habits and routines, follow your hear over your mind, do something outside your comfort zone, donate time or money toward helping animals, even adopt a new pet.

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aries: March 16, 17, 18

This is a time to take bold, decisive action and any area of your life. Time to stay conscious and trust intuition on speculative bets for a fruitful pay off. Notice where areas of life are stressing you out more than necessary and take steps to correction the energy drain. Good time to buff up resume, ask for a raise, make important decisions and initiate major life changes.

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Libra: March 29, 30, 31

Socialize, plan parties, redecorate home or office, attend art related functions, begin a creative project, i.e. writing, painting, etc. and determine where you need more balance in your life, plan and/or visit someplace amazing and beautiful.