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January 2018

Aries birthdays March 20 to March 31

Albert Camus said "blessed are the hearts that can bend, they shall never be broken." Beginning January 1, do not be discouraged quick and sudden changes in your experience of life as usual. This will be a time when self-confidence and deep convictions are tested. January 7 to 28 an unforeseen downfall in your company or industry tests your willingness to have faith and go the course. A meaningful relationship involving a good friend, family member or romantic partner may turn cold without warning. If you are willing to be flexible and bend to what is happening in the moment, you will weather this storm well, be mindful not to lose your heart or your center.

Aries birthdays April 1 to April 10

This month is generally geared to relating and relationships. There will several synchronistic occasions when you cross paths is highly intelligent and stimulating people in the worlds of literature, art, higher education, medicine and politics. Your curiosity will definitely be peaked and world view enhanced. Between January 12 and 26, accept as many social and business invitations to mix and mingle as you can fit into your schedule. From a professional point of view, new opportunities will appear to advance your career because you are rubbing elbows with the right people at the right time. If there is a demise of a relationship less than a year old, do not let it get you down as you will soon be involved with more suitable partner.

Aries birthdays April 11 to April 20

January 1 to 15 finds you wanting to go in new directions in several areas of life. If those in your personal don't support your path right now, take this opportunity to quietly assert your will rather than take the position of crabby aggression. January 18 to 31 will bring you a chance to further your education to enhance your current job or begin you now begin learning how to go in a completely new career direction. Now is a good time to surround yourself with those that are of like minded spirituality.

Best Days: January 22, 23

New Moon January   2018 New Moon in Capricorn: January 15, 16, 17

Make financial decisions or long term investments, review insurance policies, seek promotions, make new business proposals and begin the road to self-employment.

Full Moon January   2018 Full Moon in Cancer: December 31, January 1, 2

Complete decisions concerning changes or remodeling home, arrange New Year’s health checkups, prophetic information will come through your dreams, do not take things too personally.

Full Moon January  2018 Full Moon in Aquarius: January 30, 31, February 1

Apply for loans, get car or other mechanical equipment fixed or repaired, purchase new computer and/or related items, color or perm hair, join a club for exercise, stimulate your mind with intellectual pursuits.

February 2018

Aries birthdays March 20 to March 31

If you seek to make a good impression on others, February 8 to 17 is your best time. In personal life, a new love relationship steps into your life. This person will be relaxed, optimistic and great fun, a change from your usual pattern of deep, intense interactions. You will know if this is someone you want to cultivate a future with by February 10 to 24. Mercury, planet of communication, sends you extra powers of communication this month. Now your leadership and negotiating skills can stand out at work as you successfully clear up misunderstandings and break downs to get a difficult project running smoothly again.

Aries birthdays April 1 to April 10

Long term goals land in your lap quicker than you ever imagined. For example, if you considered returning to school at some time in the future, the chance to enhance your education presents itself and can be accomplished in a short amount of time. New and stimulating people come into your life now. If looking to involve yourself in new love and social relationships, put your energy into action February 4 to 16. Any relationship begun now allows you just simply be yourself. Career opportunities allow you more freedom and self-expression February 22 to 28.

Aries birthdays April 11 to April 20

Mercury, planet governing all forms of communication, and Venus, ruler of love, will be very advantageous throughout February. Delays around a new project at work will only buy you more time to give it the extra attention needed February 3 to 11. Your social life picks up February 16 to 25 with invitations for professional networking as well as fashionable gatherings. A new relationship begun in the last 4 months begins to take on a more serious note which is great because you and this other person are very right for one another.

Best Days: February 18, 19, 20

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aquarius: February 14, 15, 16

Invest in new computer or take computer courses, reconnect with old friends, join a new group that shares your interests, apply for loans, throw a party and invite everyone you know, look for sales on major appliances that need to be replaced.