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June 2017

Cancer birthdays June 20 to June 30

June 12 to 17 will have you happy distracted with matters of the heart. The timing is perfect for entering into a new relationship phase. If you have been distanced yourself from seeking a serious romance, now is the time to rethink your decision and move toward seeking people who are not only like minded but also wanting a long term commitment. Social media would be a viable option to explore. Current partnerships will have positive breakthroughs, June 7 to 18 if there have been rough patches in the past few weeks. Professionally, consider strengthening work relationships with coworkers and authority figures. You will see the payoff soon.

Cancer birthdays July 1 to July 10

This will prove to be a very busy month. At times you will feel torn between attending to your work and personal relationships. Mercury, the planet of communication, works in your favor June 19 to 25 as delays or rescheduled deadlines at the office give you breathing room. Demands at work will increase June 24 to 29. On the other hand, personal relationships ranging from casual friends to intimate family may require more time and attention throughout the month. Someone will call upon you to settle a disagreement between themselves and others. What to do? Follow your intuition before lending a helping hand and consider the price of becoming a mediator.

Cancer birthdays July 11 to July 20

Best to double check all facts, figures and communications June 12 to 23 to avoid a costly oversight, especially at the office. If asking for a raise or interviewing for a new position, you will make the best impression on others June 1 to 14. Also, now is a positive time to stand out and gather attention from a new love interest as Venus is in your court during this same time. If your strategies for meeting new people has gone a bit stagnant, put an effort to change how you circulate in social circles. If you have been seeing someone, the relationship goes from casual to serious. On the other hand, if you are currently in a committed relationship, your partner puts extra energy into making you feel loved and appreciated during this time.

Best Days: June 24, 25

New Moon June2017 New Moon in Cancer: June 22, 23, 24

Make decisions concerning buying or selling home, redecorating, hiring a contractor, moving or relocating. Schedule beauty treatments, decide on a new hair style and research surgeons if considering plastic surgery. Arrange time to spend with family or those you consider like family.

Full Moon June 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 8, 9, 10

Go, have fun, attend a sporting event, outdoor concert or plan an party in your back yard. Travel for pleasure and relaxation or to feed your curiosity and desire to visit a historically significant location. Make decisions regarding furthering your academic education. Exercise caution and refrain from doing anything to excess.

July 2017

Cancer birthdays June 20 to June 30

Comedian Milton Berle said "if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." July 14 to 22 will be a favorable time for reevaluate if and how your life has evolved since the first of the year. While you may be quite satisfied with many accomplishments, you will be become increasingly aware where redirection and rethinking is required. If the effort to find a life partner has not brought in any results, consider changing tactics such as exploring online dating, getting involved with community action or volunteering. If improving health is stagnated, totally change your routine. If your job has you uninspired, is it time to look for a new job?

Cancer birthdays July 1 to July 10

Happy Birthday! Your birthday begins your astrological New Year. Always good to visualize and set goals for the next 365 days. The general theme this month is three fold: one, determine what you want; two, decide how you are going to get it and three, discern, rethink and make sure beyond a doubt that you have made this best decision for yourself. It is a perfect time to seek guidance from a trusted source such as an authority figure, friend, mentor or professional. In this venture, if you perceive someone is telling you what you want to hear or not looking out for your best interests, in other words,do not take the bait. Use your every sharp Cancerian mind to think before you leap in any area of your life.

Cancer birthdays July 11 to July 20

Practice your highly evolved talent of persuasion from a position of kindness and compassion July 1 to 12. Being motivated to help others into a 'win/win' way of thinking improves chances for raise or promotion around work. Apply this positive energy in personal life and experience a new or current partnership deepen and become more committed. If single, someone will come into your life that restores your faith in romantic love July 17 to 25. It never hurts to help the fates by looking into ways to meet someone new such as joining a new social group or online dating site.

Best Days: July 21, 22

New Moon July 22, 23, 242017 New Moon in Leo: July 22, 23, 24

Get a beauty make over, new hair style, renew wardrobe and purchase accessories that are bold and showy. Paint and/or redecorate home or office. Throw a big party that includes some interesting entertainment. Be careful of exposing yourself to the sun for an extended period of time.

Full Moon July 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn: July 8, 9, 10

Take a serious look at your finances and decide where you can improve your earning potential, buy or sell antiques, seriously consider starting a new business, if only part time, for extra income, avoid confrontations with authority figures.