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June 2017

Gemini birthdays June 1 to June 10

Happy Birthday! Now begins your astrological New Year and a time to set goals and visualize what you want to accomplish during the next year. Do not be discouraged if not everyone in your life is supportive of some of the new directions your life has been taken. This may be made very obvious June 14 to 26. Just let this pass. Professionally, you might feel a bit stagnant at the workplace. While you may not be able to pick up the pace in the office, consider, gathering all your colleagues for an after hours party.

Gemini birthdays June 11 to June 20

As you approach your birthday this month, begin to consolidate finances and decide on a plan to increase your money prosperity between now and the end of the year. Listen to the logical side of your nature especially during the New Moon, June 8, 9, 10, as you will see some quick and practical solutions to recent obstacle. If your personal life seems dull, get out and socialize. If career seems stuck, get your resume updated and look for a position in your same field of expertise.

Best Days: June 22, 23

New Moon June2017 New Moon in Cancer: June 22, 23, 24

Make decisions concerning buying or selling home, redecorating, hiring a contractor, moving or relocating. Schedule beauty treatments, decide on a new hair style and research surgeons if considering plastic surgery. Arrange time to spend with family or those you consider like family.

Full Moon June 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 8, 9, 10

Go, have fun, attend a sporting event, outdoor concert or plan an party in your back yard. Travel for pleasure and relaxation or to feed your curiosity and desire to visit a historically significant location. Make decisions regarding furthering your academic education. Exercise caution and refrain from doing anything to excess.

July 2017

Gemini birthdays May 20 to May 31

Best to double check all facts, figures and communications July 7 to 16 to avoid a costly oversight, especially at the office. If asking for a raise or interviewing for a new position, you will make the best impression on others July 20 to 26. Now is a positive time to stand out and gather attention from a new love interest as Mars is in your court all month. If your strategies for meeting new people has gone a bit stagnant, put an effort to change how you circulate in social circles. If you have been seeing someone, the relationship goes from casual to serious. On the other hand, if you are currently in a committed relationship, your partner puts extra energy into making you feel loved and appreciated during this time.

Gemini birthdays June 1 to June 10

This month will find you experiencing magical moments in all areas of your life. From a career perspective, you are viewed as more of an expert problem solver and team player than ever. If you think it is time to stretch professional boundaries for a higher salary, promotion or new job, July 7 to 19 and July 26 to 31 are very favorable time lines. The ability to manifest and have opportunities drop in your lap almost seems too easy, however, you have worked hard and deserve everything that comes your way. July 10 to 17 is perfect for fun and joy experienced with and around those you love.

Gemini birthdays June 11 to June 20

You are in a highly productive mode especially July 8 to 18. Even those nagging details and tedious loose ends don't bother you because you have a clear picture of where you are going and what you want to accomplish. Thinking globally may take on a new meaning. Professionally, you see an opportunity to work on an international project or begin to transition your career toward a global company. If your motivation is to expand socially, do not be surprised if someone from another country and culture finds their way into your life. This individual could take the form of a teacher/mentor or potential love interest. Either way, they are a gift.

Best Days: July 19, 20

New Moon July 22, 23, 242017 New Moon in Leo: July 22, 23, 24

Get a beauty make over, new hair style, renew wardrobe and purchase accessories that are bold and showy. Paint and/or redecorate home or office. Throw a big party that includes some interesting entertainment. Be careful of exposing yourself to the sun for an extended period of time.

Full Moon July 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn: July 8, 9, 10

Take a serious look at your finances and decide where you can improve your earning potential, buy or sell antiques, seriously consider starting a new business, if only part time, for extra income, avoid confrontations with authority figures.