Intuitive Astrology

During childhood, we all had coloring books. While each page was filled with black and white outlines of places and characters, it was our intuitive creativity that colored in the images. A tree was purple with turquoise leaves or an elephant green and yellow dots. In our process, we just went with what color "felt" right at the time.

Intuitive Astrology is much the same way. For me, your astrology chart is the celestial outline that provides the background for my intuitive talent to fill in and give detail and validation.

Everyone is intuitive. I have never met anyone that has not had the occasional experience of "knowing" something that was about to happen or make a decision based on a "gut" feeling. My continued work over the past 30 years has aided in building sharp and strong "psychic muscles". Information comes to me in the form of clear seeing, clear hearing or clear knowing. In other words, while we work together, I may get a vision or picture of a future event, hear words, phrases or names that will make sense to only you or just have a strong feeling/sense/knowing behind my perceptions of past, present and future.

The astrology chart not only helps me get the "big picture" of current events, it is a very useful tool for timing in the future.

I do not see my job as "telling you what to do," rather I am a giver of information, supporter and provider of Tools for Living so you can make the most conscious and loving choices.

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