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June 2017

Leo birthdays July 20 to July 31

Powerful and sometimes intense experiences during the Full Moon June 8, 9, 10 will highlight your attitude towards self-worth and how others perceive you. Being the astrological sign that leads with the heart, perhaps you will see that the Universe loves you for who you are and you do not have to try so hard to please others and justify your existence. Make allowances for missed communications and frustrations at work June 12 to 25 by practicing patience and kindness.

Leo birthdays August 1 to August 10

You will be attracting a great deal of success this month. The week of June 3 to 9 is excellent for any activity that brings joy to your heart and allows you to enjoy the fun and company of those important people in your life. You may find yourself not as outgoing as the Full Moon approaches June 19 to 21. Professional responsibilities become more time consuming and mentally taxing June 24 to 30, so try to arrange some time to play.

Leo birthdays August 11 to August 20

The New Moon June 8, 9, 10 will find you restless for change and excitement. From June 14 to 23, energies calm down and your need to pace and fret will be replaced with new opportunities on either a professional level or personal front. As the Full Moon shines June 22, 23, 24, you will get an unexpected and uncanny confirmation that changes you made 6 months ago were timed perfectly. Once again, your lucky Leo sensibilities win.

Best Days: June 26, 27

New Moon June2017 New Moon in Cancer: June 22, 23, 24

Make decisions concerning buying or selling home, redecorating, hiring a contractor, moving or relocating. Schedule beauty treatments, decide on a new hair style and research surgeons if considering plastic surgery. Arrange time to spend with family or those you consider like family.

Full Moon June 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 8, 9, 10

Go, have fun, attend a sporting event, outdoor concert or plan an party in your back yard. Travel for pleasure and relaxation or to feed your curiosity and desire to visit a historically significant location. Make decisions regarding furthering your academic education. Exercise caution and refrain from doing anything to excess.

July 2017

Leo birthdays July 20 to July 31

Do not be surprised if many unanswered questions of a spiritual nature something come to light this month, especially July 7 to 14. At the office you learn a promotion, raise or prestigious project will not come your way as has been promised. Who knew your boss was so exceedingly passive/aggressive. Friends, family and/or life partner may come clean about an important fact held back by a sin of omission. In other words, someone has not given you the full story. Although these revelations may hit your blind side it begins a course of more honest and forthright communication. Consider the words of Maria Curie said "a taste for truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing."

Leo birthdays August 1 to August 10

Unexpected, synchronistic events and people enter your life helping you achieve the new ideas and goals set into motion since as you approach your birthday next month. Your overall energy is very high now and the harmony between your heart and mind flows easily from you to others who radiate warmth back to you. Consider all invitations to network and meet new people July 17 to 24 as your energy is highly magnetic now. Like minded individuals want to do business with you and someone special wants you in their social circle or to connect in the spirit of romance.

Leo birthdays August 11 to August 20

Literally or metaphorically, July is a marathon month. Your energy on all levels is strong and solid. If you pursue athletic competitions, easily win July 8 to 16. Also, your mental acuity is very sharp now and you achieve positive benefits in all negotiations. At work, others easily align with your thinking on a new project. Also, now is a great time to seek a raise or promotion. In your personal life, now would be a good time to buy or sell property, resign a lease or look for a new vehicle. Good bargains drop in your lap. Harmony and flow prevails with family, friends and romance. If a slight power struggle ensues July 22 to 29, take the high road to avoid engaging in someone else’s agenda. It is not to your benefit to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Best Days: July 23, 24

New Moon July 22, 23, 242017 New Moon in Leo: July 22, 23, 24

Get a beauty make over, new hair style, renew wardrobe and purchase accessories that are bold and showy. Paint and/or redecorate home or office. Throw a big party that includes some interesting entertainment. Be careful of exposing yourself to the sun for an extended period of time.

Full Moon July 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn: July 8, 9, 10

Take a serious look at your finances and decide where you can improve your earning potential, buy or sell antiques, seriously consider starting a new business, if only part time, for extra income, avoid confrontations with authority figures.