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February 2018

Leo birthdays July 20 to July 31

Your desire to have fun and play is in direct contrast to extra responsibilities being demanded of you February 1 to 12. Although you are a very clever and crafty at multi-tasking, perhaps it is time to evaluate the price you have been paying for giving a great deal more of yourself to efforts with little return. If it is time to make changes in career or personal life, February 10 to 18, you will have clear insight into exactly what needs to be done by the end of the month. Follow your intuition and you will not go wrong.

Leo birthdays August 1 to August 10

The best use of your time this month is in long term planning, especially February 20 to 25. Strongly consider where you want to be personally and professionally 4 to 5 years down the road. This is not to predict disaster in the future, only support to pave the way for eventual ease and comfort. Research how to make your money can work more wisely February 25 to 28. Assess if old pattern prevent you achieving success in relationships. Move toward improvements in your mind/body connection. Determine if your current work is in alignment with future career goals. Making immediate changes will be easier than you think.

Leo birthdays August 11 to August 20

February 7 to 16 unexpected, synchronistic events and people enter your life helping you achieve the new ideas and goals set into motion with your New Year's resolutions. Your overall energy is very high now and the harmony between your heart and mind flows easily from you to others who radiate warmth back to you. Consider all invitations to network and meet new people February 25 to 28 as your energy is highly magnetic now. Like minded individuals want to do business with you and someone special wants you in their social circle or to connect in the spirit of romance.

Best Days: February 1, 27, 28

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aquarius: February 14, 15, 16

Invest in new computer or take computer courses, reconnect with old friends, join a new group that shares your interests, apply for loans, throw a party and invite everyone you know, look for sales on major appliances that need to be replaced.

March  2018

Leo birthdays July 20 to July 31

It is advisable to turn your whole attention to family, friends and social life March 10 to 23. Your abilities to multi-task in multiple dimensions is admirable, however, sometimes a single minded focus is called for. Taking time for the important people in your life will not only feed your soul it will deepen and strengthen the bonds between you and them. If some unresolved issues and conflicts have been circulating around work and career, backing off and letting things fall where they may is a wiser decision than stirring the pot which would only create more chaos.

Leo birthdays August 1 to August 10

Your energy on all levels is strong and solid this month. If you pursue athletic competitions, an easy win comes to you March 1 to 12. Also, your mental acuity is very sharp now and you achieve positive benefits in all negotiations. At work, others easily align with your thinking on a new project. Also, now is a great time to seek a raise or promotion. In your personal life, now would be a good time to buy or sell property, resign a lease or look for a new vehicle. Good bargains drop in your lap. Harmony and flow prevails with family, friends and romance. If a slight power struggle ensues March 24 to 27, take the high road to avoid engaging in someone elses agenda. It is not to your benefit to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Leo birthdays August 11 to August 20

You often do not know the good you bring into the world. March 3 to 16 provides leadership opportunities that will have value impact wherever you lend your energy. At work this puts you in line for a promotion by the end of the quarter. If your love and social life has been a bit slow, stir things up March18 to 27 by organizing a gathering and everyone will come for fun and play. No one is more amusing, festive and charming than a Leo on a playdate. Follow your keen intuition by being at the right place at the right time as a chance meeting turns into a surprise romance or new career direction.

Best Days: March 26, 27

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Virgo: February 28, March 1, 2

Set goals to break old habits and routines, follow your hear over your mind, do something outside your comfort zone, donate time or money toward helping animals, even adopt a new pet.

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aries: March 16, 17, 18

This is a time to take bold, decisive action and any area of your life. Time to stay conscious and trust intuition on speculative bets for a fruitful pay off. Notice where areas of life are stressing you out more than necessary and take steps to correction the energy drain. Good time to buff up resume, ask for a raise, make important decisions and initiate major life changes.

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Libra: March 29, 30, 31

Socialize, plan parties, redecorate home or office, attend art related functions, begin a creative project, i.e. writing, painting, etc. and determine where you need more balance in your life, plan and/or visit someplace amazing and beautiful.