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February 2018

Libra birthdays September 20 to September 30

February 12 to 20 will have you happy distracted with matters of the heart. The timing is perfect for entering into a new relationship phase. If you have been distanced yourself from seeking a serious romance, now is the time to rethink your decision and move toward seeking people who are not only like minded but also wanting a long term commitment. Social media would be a viable option to explore. Current partnerships will have positive breakthroughs, February 7 to 18 if there have been rough patches in the past few weeks. Professionally, consider strengthening work relationships with coworkers and authority figures. You will see the payoff soon.

Libra birthdays October 1 to October 10

This will prove to be a very busy month. At times you will feel torn between attending to your work and personal relationships. Mercury, the planet of communication, works in your favor February 19 to 25 as delays or rescheduled deadlines at the office give you breathing room. Demands at work will increase February 24 to 28. On the other hand, personal relationships ranging from casual friends to intimate family may require more time and attention throughout the month. Someone will call upon you to settle a disagreement between themselves and others. What to do? Follow your intuition before lending a helping hand and consider the price of becoming a mediator.

Libra birthdays October 11 to October 20

Best to double check all facts, figures and communications February 12 to 23 to avoid a costly oversight, especially at the office. If asking for a raise or interviewing for a new position, you will make the best impression on others February 1 to 14. Also, now is a positive time to stand out and gather attention from a new love interest as Venus is in your court during this same time. If your strategy for meeting new people has gone a bit stagnant, put an effort to change how you circulate in social circles. If you have been seeing someone, the relationship goes from casual to serious. On the other hand, if you are currently in a committed relationship, your partner puts extra energy into making you feel loved and appreciated during this time.

Best Days: February 4, 5

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aquarius: February 14, 15, 16

Invest in new computer or take computer courses, reconnect with old friends, join a new group that shares your interests, apply for loans, throw a party and invite everyone you know, look for sales on major appliances that need to be replaced.

March  2018

Libra birthdays September 20 to September 30

Mercury, planet governing all forms of communication, and Venus, ruler of love, will be very advantageous throughout March. Delays around a new project at work will only buy you more time to give it the extra attention needed March 5 to 14. Your social life picks up March 17 to 27 with invitations for professional networking as well as fashionable gatherings. A new relationship begun in the last 2 months begins to take on a more serious note which is great because you and this other person are very right for one another.

Libra birthdays October 1 to October 10

It is never too late to reconsider and rework New Years resolutions. Your new ideas and goals ahead may be fraught with others strongly disagreeing with your future visions. Although you may feel the need to defiantly defend yourself, however, disagreeing with them will not yield the support you require. A more favorable time for agreement March 11 to 26. Hold your temper now and consider the words of the writer Robert Benchley "very argument is someone's ignorance." In other words, when you are right for yourself, you are right.

Libra birthdays October 11 to October 20

Throughout March, concentrate on the day to day activities of life rather than getting bogged down with the big picture. Delay important decisions that could have a long term effect in your life or those around you March 7 to 18, a better time for such matters is March 20 to 25. From a spiritual perspective, situations arise that challenge faith within yourself and your chosen path. The most loving action right now is to stay in the moment and allow any future perceived conflicts to work themselves out on their own without heavy handed intervention on your part.

Best Days: March 3, 4, 31

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Virgo: February 28, March 1, 2

Set goals to break old habits and routines, follow your hear over your mind, do something outside your comfort zone, donate time or money toward helping animals, even adopt a new pet.

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aries: March 16, 17, 18

This is a time to take bold, decisive action and any area of your life. Time to stay conscious and trust intuition on speculative bets for a fruitful pay off. Notice where areas of life are stressing you out more than necessary and take steps to correction the energy drain. Good time to buff up resume, ask for a raise, make important decisions and initiate major life changes.

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Libra: March 29, 30, 31

Socialize, plan parties, redecorate home or office, attend art related functions, begin a creative project, i.e. writing, painting, etc. and determine where you need more balance in your life, plan and/or visit someplace amazing and beautiful.