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February 2018

Pisces birthdays February 20 to February 28/29

Albert Camus said "blessed are the hearts that can bend, they shall never be broken." Mercury working in your favor February 4 to 15 may usher in a fortuitous time of quick and sudden changes in your experience of life as usual. This will be a time when self-confidence and deep convictions are tested. February 22 to 28 an unforeseen downfall in your company or industry tests your willingness to have faith and go the course. A meaningful relationship involving a good friend, family member or romantic partner may turn cold without warning. If you are willing to be flexible and bend to what is happening in the moment, you will weather this storm well, just do not loose heart or your center.

Pisces birthdays March 1 to March 10

February 2 to 15 is a great time to make long term plans in your personal or professional life. Contracts go in your favor with buying/selling property, home improvements, legal negotiations and financial dealings. Around the New Moon, February 14 to 16, a travel opportunity pops up out of the blue giving you a chance to go someplace new or study with a teacher in another location. If career is on your mind, schedule a job review or discussion about taking a position up the ladder. Family and friends make an extra effort to be loving and supportive.

Pisces birthdays March 11 to March 20

This month is generally geared to relating and relationships. There will several synchronistic occasions when you cross paths is highly intelligent and stimulating people in the worlds of literature, art, higher education, medicine and politics especially February 5 to 12. Your curiosity will definitely be peaked and world view enhanced. February 19 to 28, accept as many social and business invitations to mix and mingle as you can fit into your schedule. From a professional point of view, new opportunities will appear to advance your career because you are rubbing elbows with the right people at the right time. Personally, love in all its forms surrounds you now.

Best Days: February 16, 17

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aquarius: February 14, 15, 16

Invest in new computer or take computer courses, reconnect with old friends, join a new group that shares your interests, apply for loans, throw a party and invite everyone you know, look for sales on major appliances that need to be replaced.

March  2018

Pisces birthdays February 20 to February 28/29

There may be problems with a car or computer and/or mix ups and misinterpretations with messages and communications in general March 2 to 14. All will be fixed or remedied by March 20. Move forward on new business ideas and chances to brainstorm at work March 23 to 29 and you will get extra kudos from authority figures. A new romantic relationship you have pursued for the last several weeks begins to move toward mutual happiness and joy. Friends and family plan some fun and excitement outside to enjoy the autumn weather.

Pisces birthdays March 1 to March 10

If you have been planning any large changes to your life, March 17 to 26 is the perfect time to take action. Now is the time to sell off material things (aka junk) that has outgrown its usefulness. You will be pleased to discover that there actually is a market out there for double knit clothing and old disco shoes. Or consider donating things to a good cause. Clearing you path of distracting objects also frees your mind and spirit. All month new ideas are swirling around you. Within the next 2 to 3 months, you will find yourself moving toward a change in career and sharing your life with new people.

Pisces birthdays March 11 to March 20

No other astrological sign makes an enchanting playmate like a Pisces up for fun and adventure. Venus enlivens your personal life March 13 to 23 with parties, social gatherings and introductions to new love interests. Your natural charm and charisma is on high so use every second of this time to satisfy your heart's desire. Extra responsibilities at work show up March 24 to 29 slowing down these entertaining distractions. Do not slack off or neglect demands at the office as authority figures might see you as an ineffective leader.

Best Days: March 15, 16, 17

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Virgo: February 28, March 1, 2

Set goals to break old habits and routines, follow your hear over your mind, do something outside your comfort zone, donate time or money toward helping animals, even adopt a new pet.

New Moon  2018 New Moon in Aries: March 16, 17, 18

This is a time to take bold, decisive action and any area of your life. Time to stay conscious and trust intuition on speculative bets for a fruitful pay off. Notice where areas of life are stressing you out more than necessary and take steps to correction the energy drain. Good time to buff up resume, ask for a raise, make important decisions and initiate major life changes.

Full Moon   2018 Full Moon in Libra: March 29, 30, 31

Socialize, plan parties, redecorate home or office, attend art related functions, begin a creative project, i.e. writing, painting, etc. and determine where you need more balance in your life, plan and/or visit someplace amazing and beautiful.