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June 2017

Sagittarius birthdays November 20 to November 30

There is a paradox for you with the Full Moon June 22 to 24. The light and energies of this luminary will be very enlightening for you. Take some time for personal reflection during these days. Inner insight will prove the best guide opposed to unbridled logic. Between June 7 and 16, a sudden opportunity to move your home or relocate to another city drops in your lap. This could be a very good chance to the new beginning you have longed for. Give this opportunity strong consideration.

Sagittarius birthdays December 1 to December 10

This month is a time to consider the role you have in supporting others, and to check whether you are receiving as well as giving. Your joyous and giving nature always flows easily to everyone around and it is not your nature to keep a balance sheet. Pay attention to events and interactions with people at work and personally June 10 to 21 and these words may make more sense. There is a difference between jumping to conclusions and gathering information. This will be true during the New Moon June 8 to 10.

Sagittarius birthdays December 11 to December 20

New social connections and spontaneity will surround you this month creating your worldview of heaven on Earth. The warm breezes of Summer finds love in the air for you. This may be a new love interest finding a way to your door or an ongoing relationship taking on a more serious direction. Extra demands at work will prove distracting after during the Full Moon, June 19 to 21. Be patience and remain focused. You will be able to kick up your heels again after June 23.

Best Days: June 8, 9

New Moon June2017 New Moon in Cancer: June 22, 23, 24

Make decisions concerning buying or selling home, redecorating, hiring a contractor, moving or relocating. Schedule beauty treatments, decide on a new hair style and research surgeons if considering plastic surgery. Arrange time to spend with family or those you consider like family.

Full Moon June 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 8, 9, 10

Go, have fun, attend a sporting event, outdoor concert or plan an party in your back yard. Travel for pleasure and relaxation or to feed your curiosity and desire to visit a historically significant location. Make decisions regarding furthering your academic education. Exercise caution and refrain from doing anything to excess.

July 2017

Sagittarius birthdays November 20 to November 30

Consider giving your brain a rest during the first couple weeks of July. The demanding schedule you have had lately is taking a toll on body and mind. Yes, even exceedingly brilliant minds need a time out. In the meantime, others lack of indecision in professional and personal circles could lead to flashes of temper and impatience July 7 to 16. July 19 to 27 will see a time when life comes into harmony, balance and a return of mental energy. In the meantime, when you feel the urge to engage others in a verbal duel, it may be wise to consider these words of wisdom “drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.” Sometimes silence is golden.

Sagittarius birthdays December 1 to December 10

July 8 to 16 is a favorable time to stand up for yourself at work when negotiating for a higher position, raise and desired relocation. Positive results will be realized by the end of the month. July 21 to 28 is a favorable time to begin looking to start a new relationship. If you sense your love life has been lacking, consider a new dating strategy. Do you need to remind friends and co-workers you are still on the market? Have you ever considered exploring online sites? If already partnered, commit to a current romance or make special plans with a long term love. Open your heart and feel the love that exists for you.

Sagittarius birthdays December 11 to December 20

Samuel Coleridge said “advice is like snow-the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind.” July 2 to 10 attempt tp be more cautious than usual when giving out no-nonsense advice, especially if your opinions have not been solicited. Even the most kind natured among you can miss the mark. In personal relationships, it is better to listen to the other person now than respond in a hasty verbal reaction. This is especially true July 18 to 26. By lending an ear now, you will feel a closer connection and bond by the end of the month. At the office, communicate with discretion especially with bosses or authority figures. Yes, your thoughts are valuable at work, just give them a soft peddle

Best Days: July 5, 6, 7

New Moon July 22, 23, 242017 New Moon in Leo: July 22, 23, 24

Get a beauty make over, new hair style, renew wardrobe and purchase accessories that are bold and showy. Paint and/or redecorate home or office. Throw a big party that includes some interesting entertainment. Be careful of exposing yourself to the sun for an extended period of time.