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June 2017

Scorpio birthdays October 20 to October 31

Without bogging you down with Astro speak, let me suffice to say that planet Neptune, ruler of intuition is moving in your favor this month. Begin to notice that life moves more smoothly in small yet noticeable increments. Be open to endless possibilities is all areas of your life. June 11 to 18 look for a new chance to move forward in career. As the Full Moon cycle commences, June 22 to 24, prepare yourself for a magical shift of consciousness in your thinking about love in all expressions and forms.

Scorpio birthdays November 1 to November 10

Be patient with those mere mortals that occupy our life. Human critters are just that, human and fallible. Not everyone has a bird’s eye view of the Universe from a first class seat on Mount Olympus. There is something important going on this month beginning during the Full Moon, June 22 to 24. People are mirroring you back to you. This is good news because it may be time to decide who has your best interests at heart and who does not. By the end of June, you will have significantly your relationships with Earthly beings.

Scorpio birthdays November 11 to November 20

Sometimes the people around you just do not take things as seriously as you do. This may be a period when you have difficulty making your ideas work or there may be delays and setbacks that seem unavoidable. This is a Scorpios idea of absolute hell. Best to reconsider matters and attend to the details that are somewhat within your control in a few weeks As the Full Moon approaches. June 22, 23, 24, things will lighten up considerably and you will feel in the flow once again.

Best Days: June 5, 6, 7

New Moon June2017 New Moon in Cancer: June 22, 23, 24

Make decisions concerning buying or selling home, redecorating, hiring a contractor, moving or relocating. Schedule beauty treatments, decide on a new hair style and research surgeons if considering plastic surgery. Arrange time to spend with family or those you consider like family.

Full Moon June 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 8, 9, 10

Go, have fun, attend a sporting event, outdoor concert or plan an party in your back yard. Travel for pleasure and relaxation or to feed your curiosity and desire to visit a historically significant location. Make decisions regarding furthering your academic education. Exercise caution and refrain from doing anything to excess.

July 2017

Scorpio birthdays October 20 to October 31

If you need a friendly favor, pay increase or time off, the time July 16 to 21 will work best in getting what you want. Do not turn down invitations this month to attend social or business related gatherings even if you are partied out from the holidays. Your energy is very magnetic this month and you will be favorably noticed by a boss and/or embraced within a new group of friends. A new love interest is under your nose, pay attention July 24 to 29. If you are already in a committed relationship, be aware that someone close at hand may have a seductive hidden agenda.

Scorpio birthdays November 1 to November 10

The first few days of the month, particularly July 1 to 8 could find you in conflict or cross purposes with personal relationships. If there seems no immediate resolution, best to compromise and keep the peace. Use this time to determine if you are tolerating unacceptable behavior from others and determine what is the best course of action. You will have a positive resolution July 12 to 18. In the career front, your highly creative fast mind seizes upon a chance to demonstrate innovative problem solving July 23 to 27. This will result in you being considered for a move up the ladder.

Scorpio birthdays November 11 to November 20

Your sharp analytical mind is racing far beyond those around you. Communications in your professional or personal life will seem to circumambulate without immediate resolution. However July 19 to 28 will be when everyone gets on board with you. It will be easier to work through any misunderstands with people in your immediate circle. Single Scorpios will find connecting with potential love partners easier now. At work, patience will bring quicker cooperation than resistance. Go easy on demanding perfection of coworkers. Consider the wise words of Goethe "correction does much, but encouragement does more."

Best Days: July 3, 4, 30, 31

New Moon July 22, 23, 242017 New Moon in Leo: July 22, 23, 24

Get a beauty make over, new hair style, renew wardrobe and purchase accessories that are bold and showy. Paint and/or redecorate home or office. Throw a big party that includes some interesting entertainment. Be careful of exposing yourself to the sun for an extended period of time.