You're here because you're curious, something we share.

Many people ask me how I came to a career in Intuitive Astrology. Good question. You might say this profession found me and I cooperated, a difference from others who say they were once visited by some wise and wizardly spirit from the shores of Neptune commanding them to go forth and bring metaphysical truth to the world. My journey began during yet another economic recession years ago, thirty to be exact. Laid off from my job in the Arts, I found myself with two cats to support and a new deck of Tarot cards. I hit the outdoor festivals doing psychic readings. It was fun and bought the cat food. Little did I know at the time this experience was fertile training for a new career. As I continued operating from intuition, and a growing portfolio of astrological learning, people called. They wanted readings. They still do.

So, let me share with you just a portion of my path to becoming an Intuitive Astrologer. It's been gathered from several continents, from tapping into my Celtic roots and hoofing the rocky terrain of Peru and the shores of the Amazon. I've explored my ancestors wisdom and traditions with a Scottish shaman and experienced the chills of knowing, of familiarity, at sacred sites throughout England, Ireland and Scotland. Then, in the mountains of Peru, I experienced the most humbling demonstration of spirit in action -- so far: learning at the feet of Don Manuel, the last living Peruvian shaman who "speaks for the mountains". While there I joined in ancient Incan ceremonies held by famous but elusive Jaguar shamans along the Amazon River. You might say my insatiable curiosity and dedicated determination to constantly improve myself, my craft and my body of knowledge has been my constant soul food.

Thirty plus years later and with a long and regular bank of clients throughout the world, I'm still here. Still providing guidance through Intuitive Astrology as resourceful Tools for Living.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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